Sunday, February 26, 2006

Is it sad that I've figured this up?

I am taking two classes this semester that I dislike. This is rare. I usually love my classes. I am a dork. They are both required classes, the last ones I need, one for Sociology and one for Gender Studies. Neither are actually sociology or gender studies, however. They are just random requirements.

Without going into the utter silliness of it here, one of these classes has a test coming up. I have decided, for the first time since my freshman year, that I simply do not care. I am not going to study. It's not that I feel I know the material. I just don't care. I've gone to class. I've read (some of) the material. I feel like I can get a B. And, for the first time ever, a B is my goal. I have calculated that I can get a B in one of my classes this semester (first since freshman year) and still keep my summa cum laude. Barely, but still. Alternatively, I can get an A- in both of the annoying classes and keep it.

You may say it's senioritis. And perhaps some of it is. But, if you could just sit in this particular class for, oh, say, five minutes, you would probably feel the same way I do. So don't judge me.

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