Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Shout outs and links

For all of you applying to grad school/thinking about applying to grad school (and I know there are at least 6 of you who read this who fit this category), here are some sites you ought to check out.

First, the applyingtograd Livejournal community. Seriously helpful. For the past two years, I have learned so much just by lurking on those boards: helpful GRE tips, info about how to ask for letters of recommendation (and what to do when recommenders flake out), time-line sorts of issues, etiquette on contacting potential advisers, careful and helpful proofreading of your statement of purpose, and commiseration during the long wait. Wonderfully helpful people there!

A spin off from that community is the whogotin LJ group, which is a place where people in particular fields can track when acceptances and rejections come in. For instance, from the sociology thread, I knew to be on the lookout for a letter from UCSB yesterday afternoon.

Also useful for such info is the Graduate Applicants in Sociology Google Group.

Since last year's is no longer in existence, someone in the LJ group created a similar sort of thing, which will not only help people this year find out what schools have sent out notification but can also serve future students who can get a feel for when a particular department usually sends out rejections/acceptances. To post your info, go here. To see what's already been posted, check here.

Anyway, those are helpful communities and groups, so you guys should use them!

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