Monday, February 27, 2006

Instead of actually getting work done, I thought I'd fret at you.

Why is Northwestern taking so long to notify? It might be better if I were put out of my misery, to give up hope rather than clinging to fantasy. I'm relatively certain that they're going to reject me. So much so that Ema and I have bet $2 on it (if I'm wait-listed, the deal is still on; we have to wait until April 15 to find out). But I would much rather know now than prolong the anticipation. I'm also mildly curious to hear from UMass, but, really, it's not my priority at the moment.

I should be content. I have an offer from Arizona with funding. UCSB should be getting back to me soon with an award offer. Wisconsin probably won't get back to me with a funding offer. Texas, who knows. Indiana, well, they're probably not going to give me money, seeing as they wait-listed me. So, in all actuality, it's down to Arizona and UCSB. But, if Northwestern comes through, all bets are off. And who knows, maybe UMass will come up with an offer I can't refuse. I really do like the department.

Arghhh. Who knows, maybe this time tomorrow I'll be wishing I was still in my blissfully ignorant state after Northwestern ruthlessly takes away all of my precious self-esteem. But, in that case, I will have made $2. Always look on the bright side of life.

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