Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tuesday night class

It's stupid. I literally have to talk myself into going, talk myself into staying, and talk myself into not leaving during the break. It's 3 hours long, filled with students in a major-that-is-not-mine, and, who, furthermore, do not know the basics of their major. All of that would be fine, except for this: there is group work. Lots and lots of group work.

Sometimes one gets lucky with group work. This class is not one of those times. I don't blame the students; I don't really blame the teacher; I'm not sure who I blame. Myself, mostly, because I get irrationally annoyed at everything that goes on in that classroom.

Seriously. I am generally a laid back person. Other than "W" stickers that people have left on their vehicles, "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas, people biting their fingernails [note: I do this. And I cannot stop.], schools that don't update their faculty lists, people who think they understand the welfare state but really don't, schools that don't update when supporting application materials are received, the mainstream media, The Maury Show, recommenders who don't get stuff in on time, poor causal reasoning, and paying $.10 a page to print, things really don't annoy me all that much. Things that offend most people, I find amusing. I am even excited by people who think that the U.S. opportunity structure is totally open and we're all equal.

But something about this class just irks me and I cannot stand going. I started out this post describing the various problems I had with all of the people in my group. But, I decided that that wasn't exactly fair, as the main problem is me rather than them.

But I seriously, seriously don't want to go back. I frustrates me and makes me want to cry.

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