Monday, February 13, 2006

oh my gosh stop talking about dick cheney ok?


I mean, I expect this in the mainstream media. VP shoots hunting partner is far sexier than poverty rates rising, real wages falling, soldiers dying, etc. But head on over to lefty radio and they're still talking about this Super Huge Big News Story. I understand that there are questions about the time line. Heck, alcohol may have been involved. Who knows? But, and I think more importantly, who cares?

Now, there are certainly touches of the allegorical here. Traditional supporters of the Republican party are injured by those at the top. Whatever. TALK ABOUT THE METAPORICAL BULLETS, NOT THE REAL ONES. Talk about medicare, health care, jobs, Iraq, reproductive freedom, judicial independence, racism, sexism, education, etc, etc.

Incidentally, why could Scalia not have been hunting with Cheney this weekend? Now that would have been a fun story.

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