Thursday, April 26, 2007

Democratic candidate debate

It's on NOW. I found it by randomly flipping through channels. How did I miss this?

Edit, 4:29: Mike Gravel is awesome. Dude cracks me up.
Edit, 4:31: man, Edwards really is attractive. Guess that $400 haircut worked out well.
Edit, 4:51: seriously, love that Gravel guy
Edit, 4:54: It's all politics, and I'm not naive; I know this is all an act. But, I think I'd really like to hang out and talk with all these candidates. Except Chris Dodd. He seems just a little too slimy and political.
Edit, 4:57: Q: What's the first thing you would do on the first day of office? Bill Richardson: "First day, I'd get us out of Iraq." lol. Sorry, Bill, you're not God (e.g., "let there be light," etc.).

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