Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I finally figured out why my refrigerator has had a faint spoiled smell to it over the past few weeks. I checked to make sure everything was in date and cleaned it out twice, yet the smell pervaded and had gotten worse over the past few days. Finally, on a whim, I opened the bottom drawer... you know, the one most people use for produce but that I had never opened?

Well, turns out that while Ema was here, she, quite rationally, placed produce in the produce place. Unfortunately, it no longer resembles produce, in sight or smell.

I think I'll clean it out tomorrow; I have grand cleaning ambitions for the latter part of this week, including, but not limited to, my bathroom. I also think I'll reorganize my books. I have to be careful with that, though. Historically, book reorganization has been my favorite way to "clean" without really cleaning. It can take up quite a lot of time.

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