Monday, April 23, 2007

Six hours and twenty YouTube videos later...

I am finished with my methods application paper. It's not good, but I've decided not to particularly care. I reverted to my old writing method which, concisely, is: write a page, take a break, write a page, take a break, and so on. Sometimes it devolves into write a paragraph, take a break that takes twice as long as the time you spent on the paragraph, etc.

Anyway, my paper still needs a conclusion. But I'm quitting it for the night.

I've been watching Harry Potter music videos on YouTube. It's quite sad.

Anyway, I thought I'd share. The first, along with others, has convinced me to ship Snape/Lily. I am, of late, becoming especially fascinated with Snape. And I am happy that we're bound to get more backstory on him in book 7! I don't know to what extent I believe that there will be, in canon, an actual Snape/Lily story, but I think that nothing rules it out at the moment, and it could potentially explain a lot.

This next one combines three obsessions: Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius shipping, and Sims2. This video is absolutely brilliant. The Hogwarts setting is wonderful. I've come to peace with Remus/Tonks shippers. I, in fact, am one now. And not just because it's actually canon. I don't think Remus having had a relationship with Sirius rules out his having a relationship with Tonks. Sirius is... dead... or something like that.

Edited, 2:58am, to add another video. I just can't stop watching! I need to get to bed. I have class in the morning. This combines more loves, Remus Lupin and RENT.

Perhaps later I'll share some of the truly brilliant Remus/Sirius stuff out there on YouTube. I remember them from back in the day, but am too tired at the moment to try to dig them up.

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