Sunday, April 15, 2007

If you guessed that all this redecorating meant I was procrastinating...

You were correct. Not only do I have a new page template, but if you look along the right hand side of the page, you can see that I've added a feed with my bookmarks, which are just random things that I have read on the internet recently that I thought were interesting enough to save and share. Note, also, the Harry Potter countdown! I also added a list of the Things I Love, because sometimes you just need a way to procrastinate and I figured I would share some of my favorite ways with you. Be careful though, some involve paying for things, like Though I, for one, can spend hours on there just looking through the recommendations and the "people who bought this book, also bought" stuff.

Also, I'm starting a new blog, Blogging from the Beginning, where I'm just going to post my thoughts/predictions as I go through the first six Harry Potter books, chapter by chapter, as I wait for Deathly Hallows to come out.

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