Tuesday, April 17, 2007

sometimes procrastination pays

I decided to take a break from the paper(s) I'm running way behind on to watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Colbert just started and he said his guest tonight is Elaine Pagels, Professor of Religion at Princeton and author of The Origin of Satan and Adam, Eve, and the Serpent! I love her. And to think, I'd've missed it if I were a responsible student. Ooh, I wonder if she has a new book coming out!

Edit, 11:49pm:
  • She looks nothing like I thought she would.
  • She does have a new book, about the Gospel of Judas.
  • "In the early Christian movement, there were groups that gathered around different apostles and told their stories."
  • How might this change our view of Jesus/Christianity? The early Christian viewpoint was very diverse until an "orthodoxy" was created.
  • Stephen: "It is an interesting, fascinating, heretical story."


Anonymous said...

I love Stephen's quote. That's amazing.


Jennifer said...

Yes, Stephen is awesome. :-)