Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ominous fortune cookies

So, I'm mostly broke. I'm using money I put on my CatCard to eat on campus rather than buying groceries. Now, it's perfectly possible to eat healthily on campus. But the Panda Express is really close to where I live. So for the past two nights I have had dinner consisting of chow mien, spring rolls, and a fortune cookie. Not very healthy, but such is life and poverty. Anyway, every time I open a fortune cookie, I specify what it refers to. You know the old game where you take the fortune cookie quote and add "in bed" to the end of it? Well, this is kind of like that.

So, the past two evenings I've been working on this methods/social movements paper and I've said that my cookie is in the context of this paper and the presentations/discussions I have to do of it. Last night, when I was thinking I wouldn't finish stuff in time, it said something like "A delay is always better than a disaster." Well, tonight, while I'm thinking about presentation issues, the cookie says, "Keep your plans secret for now." Hmm...

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